Hastings Instruments

​Meeting customer needs is our number one priority. Hastings Instruments offers free technical support as well as personalized one-on-one customer service through a diverse organization of field Customer Service  Representatives and Distributors. We have more than 50 field Customer Service Representatives that are situated to provide local support throughout the world.

Additionally, reaching our Customer Service Department is only a toll-free number away (USA) and is available for your convenience. Faxing or E-mailing your question first will assure that it is reviewed before you speak to a Customer Service Representative. Also, following the steps listed in our trouble shooting guides (included in each product instruction manual) may help direct you to the appropriate department before you pick up the phone to call.

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Points of Contact


    •  ​Rick Fowler, Manager (Ext.227)​

    • ​Janet Parker, Coordinator (Ext.282)​​