​Each year, we schedule webinars to conduct and various trade shows to attend. The purpose of these events is to afford you a better opportunity to see what we have to offer and provide you with education and helpful tips for your laboratory needs . 

Check below for any new ones that might have been added since you were last visiting this page.

2021 Events


TACS University e-Learning Webinar Series

We are excited to announce Teledyne Advanced Chemistry Systems (TACS) University, our new online webinar series. TACS University brings together ideas and education from across our family of brands and presents them to you to help meet your needs in the lab.

Over the next several weeks, our group of companies - CETAC, Tekmar, Leeman Labs and Hastings - will be presenting several webinars that may be of interest to you.  

Below is a list of topics we will be covering.  Be sure to look it over and sign up for any sessions you find interesting.  Click on the individual webinar link to learn more and register.


​​​Below is a list of the webinars for October - December 2021.  Click on the title to learn more about the webinar and to register.


December 1.jpg

Get your Mercury Lab Started with Todays Thermal Decomposition Hg Analyzer

Hosted by: Teledyne Leeman Labs

​Troubleshooting Series: Purge and Trap System Leaks

Hosted by: Teledyne Tekmar

Generating More Data from Limited Precious Biological Samples

Hosted by: Teledyne CETAC

Use of Hydride Generation / Cold Vapor and Solid Phase Chelation for Signal Enhancement and Interference Reduction in ICP-OES

Hosted by: Teledyne CETAC


Tradeshows​ 2021

​Date ​Tradeshow ​Location ​​Business Exhibiting
March 8-12 
​CETAC, Tekmar, Leeman Labs, Hastings
​June 8-10
July 4-9
​August 2-12
​CETAC, Tekmar, Leeman Labs

​September 20-23
​BioProcess International (BPI)
​Boston, MA

​October 10-13
Geological Society of America
​Portland, OR
​October 12-13
​Gulf Coast Conference​Galveston, TX
CETAC, ​Leeman Labs, Tekmar
October 19-21
Reliable Plant
Louisville, KY
​October 24-29
​Denver, CO
​October 12-15
Long Beach, CA
​CETAC, Leeman Labs, Tekmar
​December 13-17
​New Orleans, LA