​Since its founding in 1981, Teledyne Leeman Labs has been an innovator in atomic spectroscopy and has introduced many concepts that are today considered industry standards. Among these is the first use of an echelle spectrometer for ICP analysis. Now a leading supplier of instruments for elemental analysis, Teledyne Leeman Labs takes pride in the high quality and value of both its products and services.

Laboratories in industries ranging from environmental science, oil and gas, food, agriculture, earth sciences, clinical chemistry, and industrial materials rely on our instruments for their exceptional accuracy, reliability, and durability. Ours is a company of innovation, fresh thinking, and unparalleled commitment to the support of our customers. We look forward to the opportunity of serving your analytical needs in the future!

Mercury Analyzers
Teledyne Leeman Labs family of Mercury Analyzers are fully automated instrume​nts that address the analysis of solids, semi-solids and liquids. They are equipped to assist today's laboratory technician, chemist or lab manager in meeting the myriad of challenges that face today's modern laboratory. Our high-performance fully automated analyzers are the number one choice for laboratories searching for a mercury analyzer with a proven track record​.

Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometers (​ICP-OES)

In 30 years of supplying ICP Spectrometers, we've learned no one ICP-OES is ideal for all applications. That's why Teledyne Leeman Labs offers you the broadest range of ICP Spectrometers available. Let us help you select the best instrument configuration for your sample types.

All our ICP Spectrometers are available in RadialAxial or Dual View Configurations, so you can choose the view that's best for your sample matrix.

​DC Arc Spectrometer​
Fast, quantitative, elemental analyses of difficult samples are hallmarks of the DC Arc approach. Few other techniques can challenge the ease-of-use or productivity of DC Arc when it comes to samples that are difficult or impossible to digest. Prodigy DC Arc performs elemental analysis of samples in their native form without sample digestion.