Teledyne ACS

​Each year, we select various trade shows and events to attend. The purpose of these events is to afford you a better opportunity to see what we have to offer. At each event, you will find a helpful representative who will answer your questions and provide you the valuable information you seek about your industry.​

2020 Events

​Date​Tradeshow​Location​​Business Exhibiting
​January 12-18
​Winter Conference
​Tucson, AZ
​March 1-5

​Chicago, Il
​CETAC, Leeman Labs, Tekmar, Hastings
​March 2-5
​Boston, MA
​March 31-April 3


CETAC, Leeman Labs, Tekmar, Hastings
​April 23-24
​Chicago, IL
​May 31-June 4
​East Lansing, MI
​June 22-26
​July 7-10
Bern Switzerland
​August 3-7
​EMS/NELAC/NEMC​Minneapolis, MN
CETAC, ​Tekmar, Leeman
October 12-15
​ACIL​Long Beach, CA​CETAC, Leeman Labs, Tekmar
​October 13-14
​Gulf Coast Conference​Galveston, TX
CETAC, ​Leeman Labs, Tekmar
​October 25-27
​Denver, CO
​October 26-27
​Juniper, FL
​CETAC, Leeman Labs, Tekmar
​November 9-13
​Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)
​Ft. Worth, TX
​CETAC, Leeman Labs, Tekmar
​December 7-11
​San Francisco, CA